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Re-key Your Lock or Replace It?

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Let’s say, you have been living in your home for about ten years. In that time, you have had a couple roommates, contractors, a realtor, and maybe an old friend. These folks had keys to your home at one point or another, so maybe it’s time to make a change, so that you KNOW who has access to your home.

We take the time to speak to our West Miami customers, who don’t understand the difference between rekeying a lock and buying a brand new one. As one of Miami’s most seasoned locksmith companies, we get calls daily from customers, like this, who need their locks rekeyed. However, please be careful and do your homework. Often times, a locksmith will try to sell you a new lock, that you don’t really need, as there is more of a profit. That doesn’t happen at AC Lock and Key. Our clients are our most prized possessions, and we make sure that you have all of the information you need to make the best possible decision.

Our technicians will come out to your location and assess your current locks, to determine whether they are secure or not. If they are secure, we will recommend that you only rekey the lock(s). If they are not secure, we will advise that you replace the lock(s).

The process to rekey a lock is pretty simple, which is why it typically costs less than replacing your entire lock. The inside of a lock has pins and springs inside of it, so when we rekey the lock,  we are removing and replacing the pins and springs inside of the lock cylinder.

Don’t hesitate to call AC Lock and Key, and ask any questions. Even if we don’t get your business, we will steer you in the right direction. We can rekey any old or new lock you have, so that only you and the people you trust, are the only ones have a key to your home.

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