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Residential Door Lock Replacement in Miami Beach Florida

Sometimes customers have outdated locking systems that have stopped working. Trying to find a lock from the same manufacturer isn’t possible, because they have stopped making the lock. This is one reason  why our team is available for expert advice.

I received a call a few months back from a gentleman in Miami Beach needing his locks replaced residential home. Upon arrival to his home, we noticed that his locks were manufactured by a local company, who went out of business years prior. Once identified, we were able to immediately begin our search for suitable replacements. After about three days of research, we found some suitable, yet expensive replacements, and shared this information with the customer.

With our 25 years of experience, we knew it would cost much less for the customer to just replace his doors instead of purchasing locks from us. His eyes lit up in amazement as we gave him the opportunity to save a great deal of money.  So, in the end, we may have missed out on a big job, but we gained a very grateful customer, for life.

locksmith replacing residential lock on door

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