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The Advantages of Getting a High Security Lock in Coral Gables Florida

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When we buy a home, we are usually concerned with choosing the right paint color, how large the bedroom closet is, and if there is enough space in the garage for both cars, plus the bike. What people don’t put a lot of thought into, is choosing which lock should be installed in the entrances to the home.

As Locksmiths in the Coral Gables area, our first priority is giving our customers great advice especially when it comes to high-security locks for your home. For years, we’ve recommended our Coral Gables clients to install high-security locks, for any entrance to their home.

Burglars love a lock that is easy to pick.  We aren’t saying that high security locks are impenetrable, but they are built to be able to withstand a great deal of manipulation, making a break in very time consuming and not worth the effort. An intruder can pick a cheap lock, steal items and then lock it back up on their way out. Can you imagine being this vulnerable to uninvited guests? Once an intruder realizes that there is a high-security lock on your home, they will think twice about making it their meal ticket.

High-security locks are tamper proof, pick proof and bump proof. They also have key control cards, which means that when you want to make a copy of the key, you have to present a special card that comes with the lock. This way, your keys cannot be copied by just anyone. This means that an intruder would have to cut the lock using a torch or drill the lock with a heavy duty drill.  Most burglars do not want to put this kind of effort into a break in. So, let’s make it as difficult as we can for them. Install high-security locks on every door that acts as an entrance to your home.

 Don’t compromise your family’s safety, by installing cheap locks in your home. We have been serving the Coral Gables area with high-security locks and locksmithing expertise, for over 25 years. You don’t have to buy from us, but we will help you get the best price on both the lock and installation.

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